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Bobbi Hill is a LICENSED CASTING DIRECTOR with 30 years of  experienced as a professional Casting Director on Florida's West coast. 

  Bobbi Hill Casting Agency – Reel People is full-service company, casting for over 30 years of experience. Bobbi Hill began her professional journey in 1980 in Las Vegas. From Las Vegas she moved to LA then to Florida, and has enjoyed years of success in the business and entertainment, where her experience directing and teaching theater for 10 years has enhanced her skills as a casting director. Negotiation and meeting production deadlines from concept to screen are just a small piece of the bigger picture. She also has experience in casting over thousands of varieties of projects, from feature and independent films to commercials, industrials, voice overs, television, radio, theater, informercials, music videos, documentaries, trade shows, etc. 
 Her goal is to connect you with the exact cast that will breathe life into your script, and blow your clients away. Nothing less will do! She has learned through years of experience that passion for your purpose is the first step to success. She uses this prospective to approach each project with a renewed eagerness, to add the human element to each and every project. She is also a very hands-on, old school casting director and will always be available on set. 
As the casting director with a full staff and crew, she has learned to run auditions and handle the stress and chaos that can sometimes occur in small or large projects of a film set, with grace and serenity. She casts throughout the West Coast of Florida, Tampa and all surrounding areas, or nation-wide via web cam or video auditions. She casts people from principals to extras knowing that whether it’s a small role or a big one, that every actor should be treated with the respect, Union or Non-Union. By treating everyone with respect, she, in return, is a much respected casting agent in this business. She offers a wide variety of casting options, as well as a very large database of talent.
Presently: Working on three major projects (60 &150 mil) in pre-production, casting all major actors. 
Two Feature Films, one shooting in NY, the other Fla, GA, and NC. One TV reality show shooting in LA or possibly in Florida and one local TV show. All projects are in pre-production. 

Talent Files
Bobbi knows the finest actors in the region, having cast hundreds of them in many projects:
Our talent on file not accessible through agents: Actors, Models, Kids, Celebrities, Unusual Types, Real People, Musicians, Look-a-Likes, Emcees, Trade Show Hosts, Historical & Costume Characters, Clowns, Players, Stand-up Comics, Singers, Dancers, Variety & Circus Artists, Narrators, Impressionists, Foreign Language Talent, Athletes, Nurses and Animal Actors.

On Camera Casting
All sessions are recorded, options: to DVD, Posted to the Web. Other options include headshot and video demo reels traditional or online casting methods.
Best casting of a TV Pilot, a Recipient of the Crystal Reel Award,  
Board member of the Florida Film Network
Eligible: CSA 

Bobbi Hill Casting Agent / Reel People Casting (727) 848-3709 (Clients) (Talent) 


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